dON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT, it doesn't do anything it claims.i'm trying to reach customer service (no one there, really?) to get an RMA# so i can return the last batch.

The testimonials in the infomercial had to be actors. I know they'll claim everyone is different, but i took it diligently with no result. Buyer Beware! I was taken in by all the promises in their infomercial.

I have a painful knee due to being hit by a car while out walking.

I had pain before StimTein and I still have pain.Their claims sound good but produce no results.

Monetary Loss: $103.

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Users of this product need to tell exactly how long they used this product.I understood from the infomercial that it had to be taken every single day for three months before it could take effect.

Surely someone in considerable pain from joint, cartilage caused by the immune system turning on itself-which is what arthritis is and I just found that out a couple of years ago from a doctor. No one else could tell me what arthritis was and I now understand that if you build up your immune system that arthritis has to go. My doctor told me that they had very good results with pure cherry

pectin in relieving pain, but unless you do the research about building your immune system it will do you no good. There are steps you have to follow and actually put into practice.

It all has to do with how much you care about your own personal body that God gave you. And all this hype that coffee and tea are good for you is bogus.

CARBONATION I hear stays in your system for months and damages your bones to the point of turning your bones into a colander.I think my husband and I will give this a try for three months solid and we will feel the results for ourselves.


Had pain in my knee.I used within a week and felt better.

I am 46 and suffered inflammation and took omega as well.The

to Maxamil #1368183

I used to hear my knee clicking when I walk and I hear it no longer or feel pain.


Caveat emptor

Ruskin, Florida, United States #1295650

Agreed, a scam.I actually had to cancel my credit card to avoid future automatic orders.

I phony company. I am also sending report to Better Business Bureau.

I never agreed to automatic reorder.Do NOT deal with these scammers.

Buy glucosamine from your drug store, NOT this online scammer.



to ***IE #1359742

You sound like an employee I took omega xl a waste of 60 dollars


Take Blackseed Oil.I did and do.

No knee pain. Use the same amount of juice as you do of the oil (2 tsp) followed by water.

Doesn't taste good but it works!You can get it on Amazon and it is great.

to Anonymous #1359741

Really how long does it take to work


Hit by a car!Did you get medical attention, what was the diagnosis?

These pills are for arthritis type damage, not severe physical trama. They are not going to heal broken bones, dislocations, etc..

I use them and they seem to help my severe osteoarthritis.I have had both knees replaced.

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